Double-jointed headrest

Optimum adjustment of all of the positions and operating situations. Maximum freedom of precise cervical adjustment. Universal working position for all types of patients (including patients with back problems, children who have had operations on their lower/upper jawbone, etc.).

Bios headrest

Thanks to its specific mobility and locking features, the Bios headrest enables the correct positioning of the patient’s head, following the movement of the joints, thus attaining maximum comfort. Together, a correct set up and a comfortable, relaxed patient make it possible to work more safely and with greater concentration.

Unlimited flexibility

Customize the dentist unit and the assistant unit the way you want. Choose the tools that best fit your way of working. Isoplus adapts to your specialisation and leaves the door open to future modification and expansion.

Surgical padding

Thanks to the properties of the material used, the surgical padding increases the surface volume of the chair and adapts to the patient’s build, distributing the pressure evenly. Moreover, it ensures correct anatomical support and excellent comfort, encouraging the relaxation of the patient, especially during long dental sessions.

Right armrest

Your patients will have the option to relax their shoulders, comfortably resting both arms. A comfortable, relaxed patient allows you to work more safely and calmly.