Harley Stool

Attractive design

Similar in shape to a motorbike, the Harley stool allows you to perfectly balance the weight on your spine and to assume the position that reduces the stress on joints and ligaments to a minimum. The tilting seat is height-adjustable.


The Harley is available in a wide variety of colours, matching the shades of the Eurodent dental units.


The Harley can be fitted with a pedal control and with or without a footrest ring, depending on your requirements.

Eurodent quality

The Harley is expertly manufactured using high-quality materials. The fully tested design guarantees excellent hygiene, thanks to its carefully combined components, which leave restricted spaces and make it very easy to clean the surfaces.

Invest in your health

Your health is priceless. Invest in a high-quality chair to ensure correct posture at all times. You will then be able to work steadily over the long-term, without back-related issues, thus ensuring that the surgery remains a profitable business.