Maximum hygiene with Eurodent

Micromolecular filtration system

This system sterilizes the water of your dental unit and protects it from any impurities in the pipework. It eliminates entirely all of the bacterial load in the mains water, blocks all of the microparticles larger than 0.05 microns and eliminates organic residue and chlorine from the water. It is an essential device for the safeguarding of the patient, the dental team and of all the instrumentation of the unit.

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LGB Filter

Micromolecular filtration system to sterilize the water of the dental unit

What is the LGB Swipure filter?

It is a device that sterilizes the water of your and protects it from impurities in the pipework. Dentists, dental assistants and patients are often exposed to the risk of cross-infection. The mains water system that feeds the water circuit of the unit contains micro-organisms that, over time, adhere to the sides of the pipes, creating a biofilm; as such the water flowing out of the unit becomes contaminated with high densities of micro-organisms, particularly gram-negative bacteria such as Pseudomonas aeruginosa (legionella) and other pathogens such as Staphylococcus aureus.

What does the Swipure filter do?

  • It eliminates entirely all of the bacterial loads in the mains water entering the water circuit of the unit. The LGB Swipure filter is certified by the University of Parma, which has conducted tests with bacterial and viral suspensions (e.g. Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli and Enteroviruses).
  • Total filtration of all of the micro particles larger than 0.05 microns contained in the mains water that feeds the unit’s water circuit, protecting the micromotor, turbine and electrovalves from possible blockages. LGB Swipure filtration is NSF-certified.
  • Thanks to the organic active carbon contained in the LGB Swipure filter, all organic residues and chlorine are eliminated from the water, thus avoiding the risk of unpleasant flavours and odours.
  • It is an essential device for safeguarding the patient, the dental team and all of the dental unit’s instrumentation.


  • Entirely made in Italy.
  • Certified by the University of Parma: filtration of all micro-organisms.
  • NSF certification: retention of all microparticles larger than 0.05 microns.
  • Instant protection: it becomes effective as soon as it is installed; it contains no chemical agents and releases nothing into the water.

Safe Air System

In addition to the device that prevents the retraction of liquids, the Safe Air System (SAS) supplies a jet of air on termination of the use of the rotating instruments, which removes the residual liquids and solids from the hand pieces. In addition, the air returning from the rotating instruments is re-released into the atmosphere via an HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter, which ensures a reduced level of contamination.


Safespray is a pressurized container that uses distilled water (with the option to add sanitizers) for the sprays of all the instruments of the medical tray and the assistant’s syringe. Safespray is a system that is able to effectively prevent the risks of contamination by providing a safe, reliably hygienic workstation.

Amalgam Separator

This device separates and recovers the amalgam. Using a two-stage system, it achieves a very high level of separation, with 98% of the amalgam being captured.

Cleaning them is easy

Eurodent dental units are easy to clean and guarantee maximum hygiene. Certain components (handles, silicone supports, instrument holders) can be removed to facilitate sanitization. All of the surfaces are designed so as to enable simple, rapid cleaning.